Sunday School

We offer a wonderful Sunday School program at St. Andrew. Our lessons are based on the Growing in Christ material provided from CPH.

Sunday School Offerings

  • Large Group Opening – Children ages 3 to 16 meet together before breaking into smaller groups. We start each session with song, prayer, and offering. It’s important for the kids to have fellowship with each other across all age groups.
  • Small Group Learning – Children are broken into smaller, age appropriate, groups to study that days lesson. The younger children spend time learning the story from our teachers and then do different activities to reinforce the lesson. Older groups spend time reading God’s word and have a group discussion on what it means.
  • Sing During Worship – Through out the year the children will attend one of our worship services to sing a song of praise during the service.
  • Christmas Program – We celebrate the birth of our Lord with music, song and skits every year on Christmas Eve.
  • Palm Sunday – Service starts with the children processing in with palms and then lead the congregation in the opening hymn.

Who Can Attend

All children K3 through high school are welcome to attend Sunday School at St Andrew! Adults can attend the Bible Study while the kids are in Sunday School.

Sunday School Schedule

Sunday School runs between Labor Day and Memorial Day. The large group opening starts at 10:15 am and the kids will be back from their small groups by 11:15 am.


If you are interested or have questions please call 262-335-4200 or send a message to the superintendent.