When you arrive at St. Andrew, you will be handed a worship bulletin which will have the service printed inside along with a communion/ attendance card. The FM radio station that we will be using that morning will be listed on the front of this bulletin also. Our ushers will direct you where to park. Once parked, tune your radio to the correct station and you are ready for service to begin. During the closing hymn, if weather is cooperative, there will be drive-through communion and a collection for offerings and attendance cards. We do have reduced-gluten wafers and grape juice as substitutes for those who desire, just let an elder know as you pull up to receive communion. The elders and Pastor will be wearing gloves as they are handing out individual cups with the wafer and the wine.

If you wish to have limited contact with our ushers, click below for a bulletin and communion/attendance card to print at home.

We thank you for joining us in worship during this stressful time. We pray for peace, health and safety for all of God’s people!

Worship Bulletin

Communion/Attendance Card