2017 Christmas Parade

We had a great time at the West Bend Christmas parade this year. Normally we do a traditional nativity scene. This Year we switched it up and dressed as angels with the Star of Bethlehem. We filled the float with a lot of excited little angels and a few reluctant older ones. Once some of the adults dressed up too, the reluctant kids were a little more willing to join in. Those that walked handed out ‘Free Ticket’ magnets. Everyone had a great time and it was an awesome opportunity to get out in the community. We can always use more volunteers next year to help build the float and walk in the parade. 2018 is already scheduled for November 25, 2018. For more info visit their website.

Thank You

Evangelism organized the theme and their families participated in the parade.

Thank you to the Falk family for letting us use their trailer and star.